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Kennedy Avenue Wellness

Kennedy Avenue Wellness is a Chiropractor & Family Wellness Center in Hammond, Indiana

Kennedy Avenue Wellness formerly known as Highland Wellness is a Chiropractor & Family Wellness Center also providing quality Chiropractic Care in the Hammond, Indiana area. We take pride in providing health and wellness options for the entire family. Services offered include family chiropractic care, chiropractor adjustments personal injury care, spinal decompression therapy, heat laser therapy, massage therapy, and other non-invasive pain management relieving therapies for back pain and neck pain. Our physician weight loss plans are safe and proven to get results. Our weight loss strategies are combined with the latest advanced therapies available to enhance the amount of pounds you lose. In our local office we provide red light therapy for weight loss, vibration therapy, the best supplement solutions that are just right for you and your body type. You can find additional information about our chiropractic services or learn tips and questions for a Chiropractoron pages within our website. Contact us today for any questions or to schedule your consultation. Ask us how to get your first initial consultation for free!

Not only is our focus in Chiropractic and family wellness programs. We also work with employers to provide these same services to their employees. This allows them to return to work without the need for excessive time off. We will come onsite and give “lunch and learns”, massage therapy, and other services specific to the work environment. This is a forward way of thinking for employers. Our onsite services can help to increase productivity, reduce call offs, and improve company morale which, in turn, saves your company money. Ask our staff for more details.

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Our patients are happier, healthier, and able to do the activities they choose to do. Whether it is being able work without pain, doing their favorite activities, playing with their kids or grandkids, losing weight safely or simply being able to enjoy a round of golf....WE CAN HELP!

  • Massage Therapy
    Massage Therapy

    Kennedy Avenue Wellness offers in office massage therapy to assist in the recovery process. Massage Therapy can relieve pain and enhances relaxation.

  • Chiropractic Services
    Chiropractic Services

    Kennedy Avenue Wellness chiropractic services allow for individual bones to move as they were intended and allow the nervous system to function without interference. Better spinal function, pain relief, and overall improved health are all benefits of chiropractic care.

  • Weight Loss Program
    Weight Loss Program

    Kennedy Avenue Wellness physician weight loss doctors will help you with an individualized weight loss program so that you can be a happier and healthier you.

  • Alkaline Water
    Alkaline Water

    Drinking alkaline water can benefit you with increased energy, better weight management, and a balanced pH.

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