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Dr Sprouse & Family

Dr Sprouse & Family

Kennedy Avenue Wellness formerly Highland Wellness, is a Chiropractic clinic in Hammond Indiana who has qualified and experienced Chiropractors here to help you get the care you deserve.

Every person has their own story of why you do what you do.  I hurt my back while working at UPS and was out of work for two weeks unpaid.  At the time, I was married with our three year old daughter, and money ran out quickly.  A chiropractor had me back to work in two weeks.  I had no idea that chiropractic care wasn’t considered to be traditional medicine and was considered the minority of the healthcare world.  I also didn’t know that they were so good.

Through my own personal experience, I had injured my back and was in need of back pain relief so I could return to work immediately in order to continue to provide for my family.  I was so amazed at the treatment I received that I decided to make a career path change and go into this field to help people.

We would love to help you get the therapy and care you deserve. We hope you will take a few minutes to review other pages on our website to help understand the services and care options we can provide for you or family wellness. You can even learn the top seven questions to ask your chiropractor along with the the tips and specific information about us.



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