Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic services for our Hammond, IN community

Chiropractic services and the highest quality care are provided at Kennedy Avenue Wellness by our skilled, professional and licensed chiropractors. Our Hammond Chiropractor clinic is much more than just spinal alignment or adjustments service. Our staff and doctors are up to date with the latest technology, procedures and the ever evolving additional chiropractor services offered today. Our doctors and professional licensed staff are able to provide you with a whole body experience for chiropractor care, massage therapy, wellness programs, back and neck  pain management, weight loss plans that include red light therapy and much more to ensure your optimum health. Our website is full of resourceful pages to help guide you on your care or in choosing the best chiropractor in Indiana. we even have a page dedicated to the top 7 questions to ask your chiropractor.

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Family Chiropractic Care

This service focuses on the relationship between the spine and nervous system.  Chiropractic adjustments are performed to allow the individual bones of the spine to move as they were intended and allow the nervous system to function without interference.  Benefits of chiropractic care include better spinal function, pain relief, and overall improved health.


Individualized Weight Loss Plan

We offer individualized weight loss programs that are specifically designed to help you lose unwanted pounds and keep them off forever. All weight loss plans are created by our physician weight loss doctors at Kennedy Avenue Wellness.


Massage Therapy

We offer 1 hour, ½ hour, and mini massages in the office to assist with pain relief and relaxation.  Often times,with medical necessity, we can get massage therapy covered by your individual insurance plans.


Alkaline Water

With our state of the art alkaline water system, we can help you in many ways.  Benefits of drinking alkaline water are increased energy, increased hydration, better weight management, and a balanced pH.


Same day, walk in appointments are available!

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Special Offers

Call (219) 924-7626 Today!  We offer a Complimentary Consultation, One X-ray*, and a Mini Massage to see if we can help!

* To avoid needless health hazards associated with ionizing radiation, no such free or discounted x-ray will be given unless there is prior observable clinical need for it.  Medicare/Medicaid not eligible.