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How does health management work into your daily routine? For many, a day without the usual pain and discomfort is rare and we say to ourselves, “I’m OK. It’s just the same as it was yesterday – I will be fine.” Soon enough those days become weeks, and months of chronic discomfort and pain. Chiropractor adjustments at Kennedy Avenue Wellness help by providing relief where your body needs it most.

Your discomfort has a treatable cause. Constant pain does not have to be a part of your life. The pain that becomes “the norm” such as neck aches, headaches, lower back pain and Arthritis has a cause that is preventable and entirely treatable – inflammation.

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Our body’s own immune system is often the cause of this inflammation. This inflammation is a response that is meant to aid the body preventing the spread of pathogens but can be set off by damage to supporting tissue or high levels of stress. Especially at times such as pregnancy or the beginning of a newborn’s life – times then immune system may be at risk – the inflammatory response that results can directly contribute to pregnancy pain that is usually written off as an unavoidable part of pregnancy. This same inflammation can even lead to the discomfort common to colic infants.  

The benefits of chiropractic adjustments are clear and work for the whole family.

Through our specialized Chiropractic care therapy, our specialists target inflammation at key joints and along your spinal column, in order to aid the body in reducing pain and creating a more healthful you. Chiropractic preventative care is a cost-effective non-invasive solution to problems that would otherwise require surgery. Many other doctors are quick to suggest these expensive surgeries and procedures as a solution to neck, back and joint pain, when these problems are easily treatable. Surgery prevention is one of the most fulfilling results of our expert chiropractic adjustment programs.

Chiropractic therapy, when kept on a regular weekly and monthly schedule, is the most affordable way of improving your health and wellness, using all natural therapies. Receiving direction and treatment from an expert chiropractor can help you achieve your personal weight-loss plan goals. Chiropractor adjustments can even assist in treating common ailments such as ear infections, high blood pressure and digestive issues.

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