Back Pain

Kennedy Avenue Wellness: Back Pain, Hammond, IN

Common health issues facing Americans today is
Back Pain. Whether it is your lower, middle or upper back, this pain can be severe and even disabling. The chiropractic spine doctors of Kennedy Avenue Wellness are the leading experts in diagnosing, treating and helping with back pain.

Why is back pain so common?

Two of the most common reasons people experience back pain is overexertion (lifting too heavy items, repeating the same movement too many times) and sitting or standing in the same position for too long. Basically – overdoing it or not doing enough. The human body is meant to be active, but to a certain healthy limitation, so when we step outside of those healthy boundaries a long list of injuries and conditions can occur. Upper or Low back pain is by far the most common of these conditions, though the symptoms, and more importantly, the causes can vary.

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What if I already know what I did to my back? Should I see a professional?

For many people, their back problems only seem to worsen once they have “identified” what they did or what they have currently been doing to cause their pain. Why is that?

Even if you are aware of the action that is responsible, “I sit too much” or “I tweaked my back lifting too much weight” there is no special remedy or quick fix that will provide lasting relief. Chances are that there is a specific injury or condition causing the pain itself that you are unaware of. Some specific causes can range from slipped spinal discs, spinal joint fractures, back muscle tears to something as seemingly simple as your daily posture, how you sit in your chair or whether you shift your weight to the left side or right side when you stand.

If you want to see lasting improvement through the best chiropractor services available, see a spine specialist. Through the use our new acute diagnosis and treatment programs at Kennedy Avenue Wellness our back pain physician will take you through a comprehensive chiropractic evaluation that will identify the specific chiropractic adjustments, exercises, massage therapy and products for improving your whole-body health and wellness and pain management.

What about preventative treatment?

Preventive treatment is the best way to avoid costly procedures and long-term pain and discomfort. With a Kennedy Avenue Wellness professional by your side to assist you through the process, you will succeed and can start to feel an improvement in your pain soon.

If you are just starting to notice some back pain or endure chronic pain, don’t wait! People often wait too long before seeking professional help, turning what could have been a simple correction or temporary treatment plan into a serious injury or chronic condition that can take several months or even years to correct.

What about the cost?

Our clinic offers the most affordable care plan for back pain relief.  A member of our qualified staff will contact your health insurance plan or claims department to ensure you are only charged and pay what is within your plan coverage benefits.

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