Top 7 Questions To Ask Your Chiropractor

Top 7 Questions To Ask Your Hammond Chiropractor


At Kennedy Avenue Wellness we care about our patients and want to make sure you choose the right chiropractic care options. Many Indiana area Chiropractors try to establish that all chiropractic doctors are the same and every office provides the same care or services. This is just not true… Kennedy Avenue Wellness offers Full Spine, Thompson and Activator techniques. With that in mind we are sharing these top 7 questions to ask a chiropractor in the form of a questionnaire with answers as a resource or patient’s guide. Our goal is to help you take advantage of the information and tips from our clinic’s doctors to choose the right care based on your needs and budget. In addition, our staff is always available during our office hours to assist you with additional questions or assistance if required.


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Top 7 Questions to Ask Your Chiropractor + Tips


  1. What type of Chiropractic techniques do you practice?

Unlike some other chiropractor area doctors or clinics nearby, Kennedy Avenue Wellness provides several  chiropractic techniques for your care. This allows our doctors to offer a broader spectrum of care options based on the many the techniques we provide for treatment or care you may need and giving you more of a successful treatment outcome. Kennedy Avenue Wellness provides Thompson, Full Spine and Activator Method techniques. We can also give you natural methods to relieve your pain, restore your flexibility, range of motion and function generally without the need for surgery or prescription medications.

  1. How many years have you been practicing as a Chiropractor?

The Kennedy Avenue Wellness chiropractors have been practicing 25 years and have the knowledge and guidance of our Senior level Chiropractic physicians who have been providing care for over 25 years. This gives you the assurance that we can give you the level of treatment and care you deserve.

  1. Do you provide more than one complimentary consultation or does it include all the types of services you offer?

Uniquely, at Kennedy Avenue Wellness you can receive a complimentary FREE first initial consultation that includes all of the services we offer within our clinic which includes our chiropractic services, weight loss plans, massage therapy and whole body wellness. Together with your doctor and our trained staff, we will ensure you reach your personal health goals by providing you with the information you need up front. It is worth it to take the few minutes needed to review your options and make sure you’re getting the very best treatment plan.

  1. Do you provide on-site x-rays?

Kennedy Avenue Wellness takes x-rays to help our doctors determine the extent of your injury, current joint and disc health and to help us better recommend the specific chiropractic techniques that will work best for your situation. We will also take into account your health history and complete an exam to provide you with the best therapy or treatments your current health status may require. It is very important that you choose a doctor or office that takes x-rays to monitor your condition and recovery.

  1. Do you offer payment plans?

An established and quality chiropractic clinic will offer payment plans. This allows their patients to spread out the costs of their entire care in low monthly installments to help avoid financial stress during their care. Payment plans also offers solutions for our cash and insurance patients whose benefits have run out or who have co-insurance fees required by their insurance to cover as out-of-pocket expenses. Always look for a practice that will be able to work with you on payments to help you get the care you need.

  1. Do you provide a satisfaction guarantee?

At Kennedy Avenue Wellness it is important to us that each patient leaves our office being satisfied with each office visit. By law, doctors cannot guarantee your results however, we want you to be satisfied with the level of service or therapy treatments you receive. Make sure to bring attention to our staff if anything is amiss during your appointment so we can make it right.  

  1. How do you determine how many visits I need?

Based on the x-ray findings during your initial visit, your Chiropractor will assign the proper therapies and determine the amount of visits it will require to achieve the desired health based on care and policies available. The initial findings, the x-ray(s) and health history, plus the careful monitoring by the doctor will make sure you are not receiving more visits than necessary. The goal is to maintain relief so your pain stays away and in the future is diminished through pain management or does not return. Results vary as each person’s body or injuries are unique. It is definitely ok to ask how the clinic or doctor you are considering how they determine the amount of visits and how your progress is measured.
The Chiropractors and staff at Kennedy Avenue Wellness hope the top 7 questions to ask a chiropractor on this web page are useful and will help you take the first step in the direction of gaining optimal health while answering any questions you may have before scheduling your Chiropractic Care. At our office, we also provide quality care and weight loss services, whole-body care, and wellness. We would love to give you the care you deserve or answer any additional questions you may have.

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