Physician Weight Loss

Physician weight Loss services provided for our Hammond, Indiana area


Want to losHighland-Indiana-Physician-Weight-Loss-Highland-Wellnesse weight, but not sure of the best way to go about it? Physician Weight Loss services provided in our Kennedy Avenue Wellness chiropractic clinic will provide you with the right weight loss plan to help you safely lose weight and reach those goals. Losing weight can be difficult on its own, let alone making sure that you are doing it in way that is safe and healthy as well. With so many self-proclaimed “experts” offering miracle weight loss programs and extreme diet regimens, how are you supposed to know what will actually work for your body, without hurting yourself in the process?


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Physician Weight Loss is the answer. Kennedy Avenue Wellness and its doctors are wholly dedicated to providing you with a complete weight loss plan that is professionally managed and catered to your specific needs. Medical weight loss programs are an easy way to ensure that your diet and weight management goals are met, without putting undue stress on your mind or your body.

Our unique doctor supervised health management plans have helped men and women rapidly lose weight and sculpt the healthy body they have been seeking for years. Celebrate your success as you slash pounds and build a better you, all while being trained and monitored by our clinic’s medical specialists.

You will also have access to the latest medical breakthroughs in fat loss including: red light therapy, vibration therapy and medical supplements that can amplify your weight loss results.

Customized weight loss plans, medical supervision and the latest in weight loss therapies and supplements. It doesn’t get better than this!


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Build your way to a better you. Our weight loss clinic serves Hammond, IN and the surrounding communities nearby.