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Wellness Program in Hammond, Indiana

Kennedy Avenue Wellness is a family wellness center specializing in individual, family and employee wellness plans located in Hammond, Indiana. Our wellness program is designed to incorporate an array of essential services and solutions to meet the needs of everyone in your home or workplace.

Are you, a coworker, or someone you love suffering through constant pain or discomfort? Has your weight become a problem? Do you feel like you are losing energy or motivation? The right wellness plan can make all the difference.


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When it comes to living a fulfilling life, personal health and wellness are pivotal. Whether at home, work or play, your interactions influence your potential for happiness. When someone is having a great day, that positive energy is felt by everyone around them. On the other hand, when someone is having a rough day it can bring the people around them down as well.

The lesson? Simply being healthy goes a long way to help you and those around you feel great, and a personal wellness plan is essential to fostering that kind of happiness at home or at work. Whether your goal is to help yourself, your family or your work family, Kennedy Avenue Wellness offers a comprehensive free consultation that will allow us to design the optimal wellness program for you and yours.

Kennedy Avenue Wellness services in our Hammond, IN clinic include: pain elimination, medical weight loss, nutritional guides, chiropractic care solutions and more. Each program is custom tailored to assist the body in restoring itself to a healthful, vibrant state by targeting health issues at their source, providing direct pain relief and the best coaching for whole body care.

Our comprehensive, specialized wellness programs – along with our medically trained professional coaches – are the best, most cost effective solution to rejuvenate your home or workplace.

Learn more about how a simple employer wellness program can help maximize the happiness and effectiveness of your company. Help your business surpass its goals by helping your employees reach theirs.


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